Invitation to Bid
MARCH 2018

I. Construction of Academic Building III Phase III of the PSHS Central Luzon Campus

II. Supply, Delivery, and Installation of Technical and Scientific Equipment for the Various Laboratories for PSHS CLC


I.  Construction of the Site Development Phase III Utilizing Desgin and Build Scheme for the PSHS Central Luzon Campus, Lily Hill Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

II. Consulting Services for the Architectural and Engineering Design of the Multipurpose Gymnasium for PSHS Central Luzon Campus


 I. Construction of Administration Building Phase 1 (Rebidding)

II. Construction of Student Learning Resource Center Phase 1 (Rebidding)

III. Procurement of Janitorial Services of PSHS – CLC for CY 2018

IV. Procurement of Security Services of PSHS – CLC for CY 2018


 I. Supply and Delivery of Computer Desktops for PSHS CLC 2017

II. Construction of Advance Science & Technology Building Phase 1 of PSHS Central Luzon Campus


I. Invitation to Bid for Construction of Dormitory Building II Phase 1 of PSHS Central Luzon Campus, Lily Hill, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

II. Construction of Admin Building Phase I

III. Construction of SLRC Phase I

II. Motor Vehicles (Negotiated Procurement)


I. 3D Scanner (Negotiated Procurement)

II. Motor Vehicles (Negotiated Procurement)

III. Notebook (Negotiated Procurement)

JULY 2017
I. Motor Vehicle (Rebidding)
JUNE 2017

I. Motor Vehicle

II. Completion of Academic Building III

III. ICT Equipment (Rebidding)

IV. Science Laboratory Equipment 2017 Batch 2

MAY 2017

I. ICT Equipment

II. Science Laboratory Equipment 2017 Batch 2

APRIL 2017

I. Science Laboratory Equipment 2017 (Rebidding)

II. Science Laboratory Equipment 2017


I. Site development I Rebid

II. Site Development I

Notice of Postponement

I. Construction of Admin Building Phase I

II. Construction of SLRC Phase I