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Three (3) PSHS-CLC scholars represented the country in three of the most prestigious international academic olympiads this year. Charles Jerome Bartolo, Maria Janine Juachon, and Galen Noel Nifas were chosen separately as members for the Philippine delegation in the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO), International Biology Olympiad (IBO), and International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), respectively. 

Photo: Philippine IPhO delegates (Photo credits: Dr. Ian Vega)

Bartolo completed the Philippine trio along with Mikhail Angel  Torio (PSHS-Main), and Steven Reyes (St. Jude Catholic School) that matched wits with more than 400 students from 90 countries that participated in IPhO last 21-29 July 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.  Philippine IPhO delegation finished in its best ever performance with Reyes bagging a silver medal along with Torio and Bartolo each clinching a bronze medal. IPhO Philippine delegation were trained under the tutelage of UP National Institute of Physics professors Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra, Dr. Nathaniel Hermosa, and Dr. Michael Francis Vega. 

Philippines emerged victorious in its maiden participation in IBO with its team of four composed of Gabrielle Erwin Awitan (PSHS-Main), Nathan Ross Bantayan (PSHS-Main), Maria Janine Juachon (PSHS-CLC), Matthew Keizo Yuda (Manila Science High School) as they competed against over 250 students from 71 countries in Tehran, Iran last 15-22 July 2018. Philippine IBO team hauled a Silver medal (Awitan), Bronze medal (Bantayan), and Merit citation (Juachon). The team that trained this year’s  IBO delegates was headed by Prof. Ronald Allan Cruz and Prof. Crisanto Lopez from the Ateneo de Manila University. 

PSHS-CLC nabbed a spot in the IChO for the second time this year as Nifas joined the roster of olympians with Israel Aguba (PSHS-Main), Arthur Reiner De Belen (PSHS-Main), and Julius Macling (PSHS-Main). IChO 2018 was joined by 300 students from 76 countries last 19-29 July 2018 in Bratislava, Slovakia and Prague, Czech Republic. The team brought home two bronze medals under the guidance of Prof. Julius Victorius Saluria as coach and Dr. Jose Andaya as Head Mentor

The three olympiads required students to solve theoretical problems in the discipline and do experiments geared towards testing their knowledge of scientific principles as well as the necessary laboratory skills in the field.